The Arts

For students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades, Art and Music are incorporated into their overall class activities. Specific Art and Music classes are scheduled for 3rd through 8th Grade and parents may also schedule optional at-cost after school Art & Music lessons.

Although Art & Music each enjoy their own dedicated time in the schedule they are constituent elements of interdisciplinary activities and valuable tools in teaching Mathematics, Physics and so many other concepts.

At all levels, Art is integrated into PBL as a means of communication, demonstration of concepts and for the rendering of design elements / outputs. Traditional art mediums such as Drawing (including Zentangle), Painting and Sculpture are complimented by or translatable into digital mediums including Web Design, Computer Aided Design, Photography, Videography and 3-D Printing.

Virtually every aspect of our lives is touched by “design” and our society has become more and more design conscious elevating the teaching of Art to a place at the core of any comprehensive contemporary education.

Music classes provide students with valuable opportunities to develop and practice fine motor skills while building and playing traditional musical instruments. Music appreciation classes provides student with a tangible experience of the changes in tastes and fads over time and a unique connection to historic events and as such can also be incorporated in many elements of the curriculum.

Within our PBL program, music can be incorporated into soundtracks for movies and other presentations and may lead students into a potential interest in musical composition, soundtrack editing & studio recording or even management of the school’s streaming Internet radio station.