Richard Mayer's Principle of Personalization

Richard Mayer’s Principle of Personalization shows that students perform up to 40% better when content is delivered in a first-person, conversational style rather than with a formal tone. In a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, Mayer and research partner Roxana Moreno conclude,d “The reported results have strong implications for teaching. The most direct practical implication of the present study is that multimedia science programs can result in broader learning if the communication model is centered around shared environments in which the student is addressed as a participant rather than as an observer."

21st Century STEM Academy provides a proven blended-learning core curriculum that exceeds Georgia and all national standards and prepares students for success in school, standardized testing and college and the curriculum is personalized, meaning that the content is customized to the interests and learning style of the individual student. The curriculum is also individualized, meaning that different students will start at different points and move at their own speed.

For students requiring post-secondary levels of academic challenge, the Academy will (at no cost) leverage, a learning management system that can provide access to over 8,000 online courses including an option to take college credit assessments.

To augment the core curriculum resources, teachers use the SAFARI Montage digital learning platform to create custom lesson plans and Resource & Activity Playlists for individual students and groups of students. Additional resources available through Safari include 9,500 education programs and videos and 17,195 images as well as interactive 3D models that cover the subject areas of botany, human anatomy, zoology, microbiology, earth science, chemistry, engineering and more.