The team at 21st Century STEM Academy knows and respects that every parent has a different level of involvement in their child’s education that is right for their family and we realize that your involvement may change over the years and sometimes be focused on specific areas.

For busy parents that wish to almost entirely entrust their child’s education to our teachers, we promise that we will always keep you fully informed and do our best to educate your child as you would yourself.

For parents that have the opportunity for greater involvement, our systems not only inform you as to the curriculum that your child is studying but also provide you with the ability to select additional resources for your child and have them incorporated into their personal learning play-list.

And should you be interested in bringing your talents to the school as a volunteer, you are always welcome!

But school communities are not just about the children. Do you want to organize parent’s socials or a language, art, robotics or even aviation class? Just let us know; our teachers are lifelong learners and we hope that our student’s parents are too!!