The 21st Century STEM facility has a small garden area that will be used to provide “outside time” during the school day but the weather doesn’t always cooperate and young children need physical activity throughout the day. While the nature of our program involves moving between activities and hands-on learning we are very deliberately building physical activity into the day. When we researched the use of indoor physical activity in limited space we discovered a highly successful, fun and research based program used in New York City called "Move to Improve". To learn more about the program you can review the guide for K-3 students here: MOVE TO IMPROVE

We will be implementing the Move to Improve program throughout the school and supplementing it with Yoga, stationary bicycles, computer facilitated dance and activity games, balance beams and a remarkable range of fun activities designed to provide physical outlets and build motor skills. Although our K-10 program will not have competitive sports teams, we will welcome (and sponsor) parent-organized recreational teams and also readily host after-school activities such as Karate and Dance classes.