21st Century STEM Application

Please complete the following form, it’s simple, easy, and will only take about 3-15 minutes to complete, depending on the number of children.

All August 2017 program applicants will schedule an admissions interview once we receive the application. No deposit is required until after acceptance and your decision to enroll.

For the STEM field trips and classes that start January 2017, please be sure to pay attention to the grade level for the desired date of the program and ensure it corresponds with the grade of your child.

Please note that your application is incomplete until the appropriate payments have been received for January 2017 programs. For August 2017 program (full-time, part-time school) applicants, there is an admissions interview and signed agreement required before any of the non-refundable deposits are to be paid.
To proceed to the payment page, please scroll to the bottom of the page after completing the form.

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